Knitting Patterns for Baby Sweaters Guide

A guide to selected knitting patterns for baby sweaters.

Raglan Sweaters

Raglan is a technique to knit sweaters from the collar down. It is a very popular technique for knitting baby sweaters. There is very little seaming, another reason to like this technique.

1. Billie Baby Jacket

Billie Baby Jacket
Image source: Marianna

Marianna offers this raglan cardigan pattern in 3 different sizes. Raglan is a great technique for knitting baby sweaters. If you haven’t tried it, this would be a good project to start. The little ribbing in the middle of the sweater makes it looks like an adult piece.

Get the pattern of Billie baby jacket.

2. Alison’s Helena Cardigan

helena baby cardigan
Image source: Alison at

A fairly simple lacy skirt-looking pattern. The sweater enclosure is made of knitted ties instead of buttons. This is a great child-friendly embellishment. You don’t have to worry about the buttons dropping off and getting swallowed.

Get the pattern of Helena Cardigan.

3. Max’s Baby Cardigan

Max baby cardigan
Image source:

Are you a cable person? This pattern features a pair of single cables on the front of the cardigan. The pattern isn’t professionally written but everything is there. You can make the sleeves full-length or three-quarter long.

Get the pattern of Max Baby Cardigan.

Bottom-up Knitting Patterns for Baby Sweaters

4. Peter Pan Bubble Baby Cardigan

Peter Pan Bubble baby cardigan
Image source:

The pattern includes 2 versions: round and v-neck. There are quite a bit of seaming up here as you have to knit the back, 2 front pieces, sleeves and neckbands all separately. I am not a fan of this type of construction but I do like the bubble stitch at the bottom half of the sweater.

Get the pattern of Peter Pan bubble baby cardigan.

5. Opera Baby Cardigan

Knitting patterns for baby sweaters
Image source:

Another 5-piece sweater. I thought it is worth the while because the yellow and grey stripes work so well together. I plan to do the Peter Pan bubble cardigan first to get the hang of stitching up 5 pieces before attempting this Opera baby cardigan.

Get the pattern of Opera baby cardigan.

Happy Knitting!