How to Knit Baby Booties Guide

Guide on how to knit baby booties.

Baby booties come in all sorts of shapes. Some resemble socks or stocking, others resemble adult footwear and then there are the cutie ones. Babies kick a lot and booties should be shaped well to stay on their tiny feet even when they flay around.

Here are some of my picks starting with the cute ones.

1. Jeni’s Baby Duck Feet

baby duck feet
Image source: Jeny Staiman at

Jeni suddenly realised that babies do not walk in their socks, so she designed a pair of duck feet that is totally just for fun. My kind of girl. You need to be comfortable with or know how to knit in the round.

Get the pattern of Jeni’s Baby Duck Feet.

2. Froggy socks

Froggie sock
Image source: P2 Design

Another booties pattern mimicking an animal and totally un-walkable. This pattern comes with a matching froggie hat.

Get the pattern of Froggy Socks.

3. Kimono Baby Booties

Kimono Baby Booties
Image source:

Isn’t this booties cute? It wraps at the top of the foot like a kimono, hence the name. The pattern is written in Spanish. The webpage listed below provides a link to translate the instructions into English. There is also a very helpful video which is full-length.

Get the pattern of Kimono Baby Booties.

4. Baby Mary Janes

baby mary jane
Image source: Freda Bettina at loveknitting

This baby Mary Janes stole my heart. It is knitted up using the garter stitch, especially great for knitters who do not like to purl. The pattern fits 0 to 3 months babies. Try it!

Get the pattern of Baby Mary Jane.

5. Scrunchy Booties

scrunchy booties
Image source: Jennifer Batt at Knitpicks

These booties look more like socks cum leg warmers. They are knitted from the toe up using a short row heel. You can use this project to learn the short row technique. You will also learn how to create a scrunchy look using knitting and purling.

Get the pattern of Scrunchy Booties.


Video Tutorials

Are you a visual learner? These full-length video tutorials might help you pick up how to knit baby booties.

6. Moss Stitch Socks for Newborn


7. Baby Crossed Shoes

This is more shoes than booties but it is easy and cute. Many sizes at her website too.



Happy knitting!