Free Knitting Patterns For Babies I Want To Knit

A list of free knitting patterns for babies compiled for my quick reference so that I can knit a baby shower gift quickly.

Knitting for babies celebrates how special and precious they are. I still remember how excited I was when I was knitting a pair of booties and a wrap cardigan for my new-born nephew. Actually I was even more excited when I was giving the hand knitted gifts away. Unfortunately, the booties and cardigan are too small for him. I learnt the importance of swatching that day. : P

Baby knits are great knitting projects because they are small items that do not require a lot of materials. They are also quick knits. So try your hands at it. You don’t have to have babies to knit these. You can knit and give or sell them away.

Baby Knitting Tips

If you are new to knitting for babies, you should heed the following practical tips.

Choose yarns that are machine washable since babies needs to be changed frequently. Super-soft and sturdy. Most yarn companies offer yarns suitable for babies. The problem is the colour range tend to be mostly pastel. I don’t think they cost more.

This doesn’t mean you cannot pick yarns not specifically meant for babies, just take note of the materials used and the manufacturing process. It is best to choose natural materials over synthetic ones. The weight of the yarn is usually lighter too, for example, 2 or 3 ply yarns.

The size of the needles used should create a looser fabric so that it feels light and airy.

Babies like to pull at things and put things into their mouths. Accessories such as buttons or eyes should be child-safe or securely fastened. Embroidered embellishments are preferred. Babies have relatively big heads and hate to be changed. So consider that when selecting the design and pattern to use.

Knit the larger size to cater for a big baby (like my nephew) or for rapid growth in size. Or knit something that can be modified like the Anouk Pinafore.

Besides jackets or cardigans, you can knit baby blankets, baby bibs, booties, and baby hats and soft toys.

Baby Soft Toys

Clare’s Baby Football

baby football
Image source:

This football pattern is tiny, only 4 inch from end to end. Suitable for a little baby. Consider it for busting a small yarn stash. You will need to know garter stitch and short row shaping.

Get the pattern for the baby football.


Baby Accessories

Henya’s Knit Crown

Henya Knit Crown
Image source:

A crown for a little boy. I think this is quite easy to knit and you can adjust the size as you knit along. You will need to know provisional cast on, garter stitch knitting and increasing and decreasing. Basic skills, really.

Get the pattern for Henya’s knit crown.

Dani’s Circlet for little girls

Dani Circlet
Image source: buffoo at Ravelry

A female version of a crown, for a princess.

Get the pattern for Dani’s circlet.


Baby Pants

Cristina’s Blu Jeans

Cristina Blu Jeans
Image source: Cristina at

This baby jeans is knitted up in 2 mirror-image pieces, one for each leg and then joined in the center. Take time to follow the embellishment ideas to give it a realistic look. Your child will certainly get a lot of attention wearing this.

Get the pattern for Cristina’s blu jeans.

Bernat Little Dipper Pants

Bernat Little Dipper Pants
Image source:

Cute little pants with an elastic waistband and ribbing at the cuff. Sizes from 6 months to 2 years old.

Get the pattern for little dipper pants.


Baby poncho

Bernat Softee Poncho Agogo
Image source: Bernat

This is like a kiddy version of the little red riding hood.

Get the pattern for baby poncho.

Kate’s Anouk Pinafore

anouk pinafore
Image source: Kate Gilbert at

I like the idea that Anouk grows with the child. 🙂 It starts out as a pinafore and gradually become a tunic, making sure your handknit stays as long as it can with the baby you knit it for.

Get the pattern for Anouk pinafore.

Other Knitting Patterns for Babies

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Happy Knitting, Phoebe